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Change with in two days

All of a sudden my life has gone downhill again :/ I'm not sure how to solve situations in life and it's difficult, maybe its just me, maybe I'm the bad one but all I know is my relationship is going down and I don't know what to do, many young teenagers say 'I don't want to leave him, I love him' and don't know what the meaning of love even is, but I've experienced a lot in my life at such a young age and had had to grow up a lot faster than many people. I have found someone who love dearly and don't want to leave......... but I might have to :/ 

Just an update on life.

Life has been up and down at the moment, but better than it has been. It's just hard knowing that your not going anywhere at the moment, just doing nothing with the life given to me. Time to pick my feet up and start living. Waste of time doing nothing. 

first ever blog

Its interesting where life can take you these days, you have so many paths to choose, so many bumpy roads to walk and so many bridges to build. Its hard to think where your going to end up being in later life. Where will life take us?? 
Dont ever think your alone in this big world because your not. One of my weaknesses if thinking that when im upset. But you cant bring yourself down all the time or life will be to hard to handle and you'll end up going down the wrong path. 
Life is a gift worth battling out. 
Love life because if you do then it'll love you back!

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